Alchemy Wellness Spa: All About Self-Love

“Self Love”: It seems to be a buzzword of as of late. Basically, it’s all about giving yourself the attention you deserve, so that you can be your best for others. Treat yourself right, and in turn, you will feel happy, healthy, and confident enough to go out and give back your love and light into the world. I am all for showing some self love as a way to relax, gain inspiration, and just feel good about myself. It’s so simple. When you feel good, you have that extra pep in your step to go out and conquer your dreams! Okay, enough about the preach-y hippie vibes. Let’s get to the good stuff: Alchemy Wellness Spa.

Alchemy Wellness Spa is located in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, and it is a center that is all about nourishing your body, soul, and mind. My sister and I treated ourselves to a day of healthy, delicious eats and spa treatments (that were both relaxing and bizarre). First up, our amazing spa lunch. The Alchemy Wellness Cafe Menu changes seasonally, and is focused on local, organic, vegetarian cuisine. Their menu truly brings the “food is medicine” philosophy to life. We started with some of their Miracle Elixirs. The Daily Detox was full of vitamin C and antioxidants to help with inflammation, and the Daily Greens was for promoting alkalinity in the body (since an acidic environment is inflammation and damage-promoting).


Daily Detox and Daily Greens: Bottoms Up!

I enjoyed the Alchemy Rolls (think the yummiest summer rolls, ever), and my sister got the Avocado Grapefruit salad- so refreshing! Our server was so sweet, and she brought us a complementary cup of their house-made coconut peach “ice cream”. It was vegan, of course, and absolutely tasted like summer in a spoon. Let’s just say we were feeling beyond pampered. Then it was off to the spa! We were living on the edge that day, so we went for something safe: a heavenly Swedish massage, and something scary: an hour session in the Floatation IsoPod- more on that in a second.


Avocado Grapefruit Salad with fennel, mint, and a lime dressing

The entire Alchemy Wellness Spa has a very zen, Moroccan vibe with lots of airy space and breathtaking architecture. That alone made it very easy to feel relaxed and transported to another place, as though we were traveling abroad. *Dreaming*. First off, the Swedish Massage was heavenly, and I love that coconut oil was used, because it left my skin so soft, and smelling incredible. Not too I-just-ran-through-a-field-of-eucalyptus,  but more I-just-woke-up-from-an-island-siesta. I was in a very relaxed and sleepy state after my massage, when it was time for the floatation pod.


The Alchemy Roll with carrots, ginger, lemongrass, basil,cilantro,mint, cashews, and Thai dipping sauce.

This is a giant pod with 12 inches incredibly saturated with Epsom Salt so that you float effortlessly, like you would in the Dead Sea. Crazy, I know. On top of that, the water is at body temperature, so it feels like you are floating in nothingness! The pod closes to become completely dark, (there is an option to have a color-changing light on, but I wanted the full sensory-neutral experience.) It takes a while to get used to the floating experience at first, but it is quite relaxing to just float and not think about or feel  anything. Funny but no-so funny side note: I have an irrational fear of dark waters, so there were a few times where I got freaked out by not knowing where I was in the water (ridiculous, I know). My sister loved the pod, and would do it again, but I think I would opt for something else since I kept flipping back-and-fourth between “ahhhhh” and “Ahhhh!!!! Dark water!! I’m freaking out!!” PS: the pod would not be ideal for anyone who is claustrophobic, for obvious reasons. The one amazing thing after the pod, though: My skin was GLOWING. I do not have the best skin, but I swear, those Epsom salts worked some serious magic on my complexion, so I need to pick some up, ASAP.


The yummiest little cup of vegan coconut-peach “ice cream” 

If you are ever in Santa Barbara, and are looking for an unforgettable “self-love” experience, head to Alchemy Wellness and grab a bite at their cafe, hit up the spa, or both! You will leave feeling glow-y, refreshed, and ready to put your best self out there for others! Don’t feel guilty for treating yourself well, since it will help you be your best and give your best for/to others 🙂

What are your favorite ways to show some self-love? Let me know! As always, have a fabulous week!



2 thoughts on “Alchemy Wellness Spa: All About Self-Love

  1. I love Alchemy! I love their food/elixirs! (love the PIP Studio collection of their serving dishes too)….I wanted to try the pod, but I am really claustrophobic 😦 p.s. I am sure there are no sharks in that water lol!

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