Apartment Tour Series, Part One: Bathroom & Vanity

For the first time in my life, I am living in my very own apartment!!! There are plenty of benefits that come with living alone: getting to take up all the room in the fridge and kitchen cabinets, taking all the time in the world in the bathroom, and never wearing headphones when I want to jam to my music. There is no worrying about unexpected guests barging in when I have a face mask on (this happened in college too many times) or having to deal with other people’s dirty dishes/clothes/whatever unmentionables strewn all over the place. Let’s just say I am living in pure bliss in my own sacred, peaceful home.

A great deal of time and effort went into creating a space that makes me feel happy, de-stressed, and energized every time I walk through the door. I thought I would do an Apartment Tour Series to give you some inspiration for curating your own fabulous abode, whether it is a whole house, or just a shelf. Today is Part One of the series, which is all about building a beautiful bathroom and vanity! As a note, the design scheme for my apartment is what I like to call “Modern Glam”. There are girly elements, contemporary vibes, and glamorous touches. My color scheme is hot pink, light pink, and gold. A huge tip for having a pulled together home is to find a design scheme and color scheme that you love, and stick to it religiously.

shower luxe style

The bathroom and vanity (shall we call them the “get ready spaces”) should be clean and uncluttered, so that you are always in the right frame of mind for starting the day calm and refreshed, or for washing the day away. Even the products you put in your shower can look gorgeous as long as you select ones that flow well together. Decorative soaps and bottles are perfect for tying your design and style into this space.

sassy soap

Quirky little sayings are sure to put a smile on your face, (even while you are washing your face). In my book, it’s totally okay to use soap as decor if it has wrapping this cute. 🙂

bathroom tray

I am obsessed with acrylic anything. It looks so chic and also keeps spaces feeling open and full of light. I love using acrylic trays for organizing little trinkets into pretty displays that allow me to see where everything is. ( Which means no more rushing around frantically looking for a certain thing when I am trying to get out the door.)

herbivore bathroom counter

A design tip I have learned and always follow: the rule of odds. When displaying objects, be it candles, jars, or any cluster of curiosities, put them together in odd numbers. Odd numbers of objects look better than even numbers of objects; it’s just that simple. Pick groups of three or five things to decorate with, but not two or four.

do no disturb

A cute little DIY sign on a doorknob adds visual interest and can convey a fun or important message. Use chalkboard paint, and you can change the message to anything you please!

vanity mirror. pink n gold

Hide unsightly tissue boxes in a glamorous tissue box holder. These come in all sorts of styles, and you can always paint them to fit your design style perfectly. In my opinion, a gold tissue box looks much more luxe than a box with school busses or grandma-esque floral patterns. Who designs those tissue boxes anyway?! Someone please design boxes we would actually want to display! makeup brushes a la kate spade Glass is just like acrylic, as it keeps rooms airy, and oh-so-bright. Seek out pretty jars and containers to display makeup on your vanity. You know you have adorable jars/cloches/ boxes when they cause you to do away with your makeup bag forever. #noshamevanity styleIt’s all about those fun, sassy quotes to get you pumped up for the day! The little detail on this jar never fails to give me an extra boost of confidence. Who couldn’t use an extra boost from time to time? 🙂

Stay tuned for the rest of the Apartment Tour Series (a huge, grateful thank you to my amazing designer, who never fails to turn my ideas and little glimpses of a “vision” into reality!) Tell me- how do you design your space/ create your very own homey vibes? And please share any design tips and tricks- I always want to learn more! Have a fab holiday weekend!

XO, Alexandra

4 thoughts on “Apartment Tour Series, Part One: Bathroom & Vanity

  1. Love this post, I am for sure looking thru rose colored glasses! its so feminine!…. perfect for the “new” girl, I love the pink, and gold leaf and the clean, white and the lucite and acrylic are gorgeously modern touches together…is that a Langham Hotel reed diffuser ?!….that is an amazing hotel! I bet it smells so good…I love the Ralph Lauren lucite lamp on the vanity too, very glam!….can’t wait to see more….I see a theme of roses….rose products and rose soaps….you are painting the roses PINK! (lol)

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