Apartment Tour Series, Part 2: The Bedroom

It’s time for another part of my Apartment Tour Series: the bedroom! Before we get into the design details, I just want to thank you for being patient with me. My internship has been really crazy these past few weeks, and I have been swamped with work. (I would much rather be blogging than doing case studies and clinical nutrition homework, but duty calls.) I have officially hit the halfway point in the clinical portion of my internship, so I have reached a small break in the workload, hence why I am able to put my focus on Bouquets and Baguettes for a moment. I have totally missed creating content and getting to interact with you! Now for the good stuff- what does my bedroom look like???

To me, my bedroom is the most sacred place in the home. It is my sanctuary. It is where I get to unwind and have my beauty sleep after a very long day. Naturally, I want it to have a peaceful, feminine vibe, with a little punch to keep things fun and glamorous. It’s all about balance, right? Let’s get into it!confetti and mirrored walls

One of my absolute favorite features in my room is the gold confetti accent. I love how fun and whimsical it looks to have the gold confetti cascade from the ceiling down the wall. The gold dots are just removable decals you can buy pretty much anywhere these days, especially around college dorm shopping time. (Because if there is any design skill to be acquired during college, it has to be the art of removable customization.) Removable elements are not only ideal for dorm life, but also for any fellow renters out there!

mini gallery wall

It’s also fabulous to have a gallery wall with inspirational quotes. Nothing says “Have an amazing day!” while you are getting ready to head out the door like, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”.  And for those mornings when you need a reminder to hold your head high, YSL said it best: “Fashions fade, but style is eternal”. #Truth

tufted headboard

If there is one textural element I had to pick to be stuck with forever, it would be tufting. I am such a sucker for tufting. Everything is better with tufting!! If you really want to amp up the style and overall chic factor of your room, invest in a headboard. It really ties everything together and creates a gorge focal point. Brownie points if it’s tufted.  😉

grateful heart pillow

Beautiful beds require lots of pillows.  I know no one sleeps on that many pillows, but when the bed is made, the volume of pillows adds drama and a total wow factor. And let’s remember the rule about odd numbers.  Try to avoid having six pillows, for instance. It’s the seventh pillow that will make you look like a design guru. It’s also fun to have graphic pillows or inspirational quote pillows. Can you tell I love to be inspired?? Honestly, my “Start each day with a grateful heart” pillow gets me in the right frame of mind each morning. Gratitude is a major mood booster, perfect for mornings when I would rather stay in bed.

candles decked in dior

Candles are the best. They just ooze relaxing, spa-like vibes. Who wouldn’t want that in their bedroom?! To add some extra glamour, I tied some Dior ribbon around some battery-operated candles. They flicker very realistically, and I never have to worry about accidentally falling asleep with a candle lit. Don’t get me wrong, I love a deliciously scented candle as much as the next girl, but these battery candles won’t ever drip wax on my nice white ribbon while they “burn”.

trinket tray

We know from Apartment Tour Part One that I love the acrylic/lucite look. Clear trays look so modern and clean for storing all your little trinkets. Plus, they allow you to store pretty stuff in a very visual way. If your matchbox is this cute, why would you want to hide it away?

cheetah print and books as decor

One of my recent obsessions is cheetah print. I haven’t always been a big fan of the print (since it can become tacky if there is too much of it), but it has really grown on me. The key is that it can’t be overdone. Cheetah print can look very chic and glamorous, but only if it is on one key feature in the room. Not on twenty different things, but just one piece that you really want to have as the focal point of the room. Whenever I lounge on my cheetah chaise, I can’t help but feel a little more fierce.

fucsia and gold-dipped legs

My room wouldn’t be complete without a  serious pop of pink. To me, this chair is the perfect shade of pink. It is like visual caffeine! I find it so energizing, and it’s a no fail way to put me in a good mood, every time I see it. A great DIY is to do gold-dipped legs on a desk or chair. A  good ol’ gold-dipping brings a modern touch to an otherwise plain or understated piece of furniture.

I like nice things

To sum it all up, this framed print always puts a smile on my face. I think its totally blunt and totally true. It adds a bit of humor to the space, which is a perfect unexpected element. And I love having lamps with clear bases, as it really keeps the space open and uncluttered.

That wraps up my bedroom tour! I hope you got some inspiration for your own oasis. Tell me, how do you make your room your own sacred space? What sort of design elements help you to zen out or get pumped up for the day? I would love to get some inspiration ideas from you!

XO, Alexandra

6 thoughts on “Apartment Tour Series, Part 2: The Bedroom

  1. Just love it, certainly gives you a warm feeling, a place where you can really unwind at the end of a long day.Each piece compliments the other.


  2. Love the combo you have, lucite, calcutta marble, cheetah, gold leaf, fuchsia and baby pink..very glam,modern,….. love the “gold dip legs” on your dressing table and the inspirational quotes, we all need to hear those every day 😉 ……………I see you like Laduree and the eiffel tower 🙂 and tufting is good for you

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