Apartment Tour Series, Part 3: Living Space

Happy December! This is such a wonderful time of year, full of celebration, and I absolutely love getting to decorate my little apartment. It looks so festive, that I wish I could leave the lights up all year long! (or at least until my birthday in February… acceptable, or not?) This season can also all bring a lot of stress, and no shortage of over indulgence and treats around every corner. Stay tuned for an upcoming post that will help you through all of that :).

On a personal note, I finished my clinical rotation of my internship on Friday, and it was so exciting to see how much I have learned in a few short months. Up next, I’m working with dietitians in the Santa Barbara community for my “community rotation”. Aptly named, right? On to today’s subject matter…

Today is part 3 of the Apartment Tour Series! It’s all about the living space, from my living “room”, to my “office”, and just a sliver of my kitchen. (I’m saving my favorite part of the kitchen for last- and no, it is not the fridge, though it does hold all sorts of yummy goodness).

Eat Cake and meringue

First, the kitchen. I know counter space in small spaces is very precious, but if you have a little open section, it’s the perfect spot to display your prettiest kitchen accessories, like this spoon rest that is shaped like a cake server, complete with a little cheeky “eat cake” etched on the edge. I also love the fun pop of color these tea tins provide.  Counter accessories are a great way to tie in the theme from the rest of your home into the kitchen.

kitchen gallery

This mini gallery wall adds some fun to my kitchen, and livens up an otherwise plain Jane wall. I always find myself dancing in the kitchen when I’m cooking, so kitchen dance parties happen on a daily basis. Does anyone else dance and cook? The ruffly poof that is suspended in the air is an orb made from tissue paper. I made mine (so easy!) using a Martha Stewart kit, and it makes such a whimsical statement. Thank you, Martha.

nesting tables

In the living room,  I’m bringing in that pop of gold with these gorgeous antique tables. On a very important note, I have an obsession with  white marble with grey veins. These marble tops have a touch of gold in them, which blends in seamlessly into the rest of the space. Small marble tops are a great way to get the luxe look of  marble without investing in larger, more pricey tops that cover entire counters.

luxe stool

A close-up of a gorgeous Mongolian/lucite stool that adds extra seating in my living space. You know by now that lucite/acrylic is a design staple of mine,since it gives the illusion of openness- so essential in a small apartment. Cheetah makes another appearance, as I consider cheetah to be a neutral, hehe. See my other cheetah piece here. Every girl needs a little growl power, and contrary to popular belief, cheetah can be done tastefully if it’s not overdone. Pick one statement piece per room, and move on.

lotsa legs

Lots of legs!! A mix of gold and acrylic makes an appearance, as per usual. Plus,  a combo of modern, geometric shapes meet classic and French antique vibes. This seems to fit my personality very well. A bit modern, with classic roots and a hint of French flair!


Add interest to bookshelves by displaying books horizontally and vertically. Bookends can create a visual statement, too. I love my “&”.  To me, “&” represents inclusion, hopefulness, and the promise of something more. It’s a nice reminder to myself to look for the “and” in daily life. Not to mention, it’s a little wink to my blog, bouquets & baguettes. Find a bookend that speaks to you.

offfice chair

Now for the office space. No clutter, but plenty of clean open space to work with. I find bright pink very energizing, so it’s perfect to have in a space where I need all the extra “oomph” I can get. How else could I stay awake to complete all my case studies?

very busy

Desk accessories- do you think I have enough writing utensils? I have these all over the place, because I find I have the impulse to write things down at very spur-of-the-moment occasions. From blog ideas to grocery lists, I need pens and pencils at the ready. I have always been a planner girl. This one by ban.do has been my favorite, by far. I have never read a truer statement to sum up my life right about now.


Lots of notebooks to jot down all my ideas, goals, dreams, and work. I can never resist anything with an inspirational quote on it!

desk decor

See? Organized, clean, and ready for productivity!

gallery and lounge

My pride and joy is this gorgeous gallery wall. It is such a fabulous way to take your space to the next level. (Another Martha poof makes it’s cameo in the background). Pillows add pizazz, and they look great in a mix-and-match of patterns, all within the same color scheme, of course.

gallery wall

These prints are alllll over Etsy, and are incredibly customizable, from the color to the fonts, and you can even compose your own quotes. I love using the thin frames so that the prints really pop rather than get weighed down. It looks very artsy and modern to go without the matte paper in the frames, so that the prints literally float behind the glass, like the lip print does.

louging setee

More tufting on my settee, and a pink “sheepskin” that can be draped over just-so, to add coziness and glamour.


If that doesn’t look inviting, I don’t know what does! I hope you have been enjoying these apartment tours so far, and that you are getting some inspiration for your own space!!

In working towards an upcoming post, tell me in the comments what nutrition/health struggles you encounter over the holiday season. What trips you up,  when/where do you need some guidance or an extra boost of encouragement ? I want to create a post of information/tips/tricks that will be most useful for you, so you can stay strong and focused going into 2016!



2 thoughts on “Apartment Tour Series, Part 3: Living Space

  1. wOw Alexandra your apt furnishings are really beautiful, love that pink and the cheeta affect adds a new dimension, you did a fabulous job, a wonderful place to come home to after a hard days work


  2. This is a such a fun, playful, energizing, happy, positive, girl vibe, love the mix of gild french antiques and all the modern elements (acrylic, lucite, leopard, pink sheepskin, seriously!) ….I see “ghost” chairs behind your lucite mongolian bench, luv them!)…..everything looks so organized and glam…..I bet your kitchen dance moves match the decor (tee hee)

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