Healthy Eats in Manhattan Beach

Hello! Happy almost-weekend! I’m sitting here with a cup of cinnamon pear herbal tea (seasonal Republic of Tea flavor-highly recommend!), listening to the French indie pop playlist on Spotify. Random? Yes. But it’s got a really fun vibe! When I want to listen to music and concentrate at the same time, I have to listen to music that has no lyrics or that I don’t know well enough to sing along. Otherwise it turns into a dance party, and dance parties are not conducive for getting *studious* things done.

Anyway, this post has been on the back burner for a bit, but the info is valuable (I hope!) nonetheless. If you are ever lucky enough to visit/live/stop for a bite in Manhattan Beach, I thought I would put together a mini eatery guide of restaurants and cafes that have good food and nutritious options. Let’s dive in!lpq

First up in the heart of downtown, we have Le Pain Quotidian. With French cafe vibes and a relaxed atmosphere, this place is perfect for all of your brunching needs. They have beautiful tartines, a seasonally changing menu, and some simply satisfying salads. I got one of their seasonal special salads with kale, cukes, farro, radishes, sprig peas, chicken, and of course avo! Healthy fats, protein, veggies, and whole grains. What’s not to love?

Next up is a little Japanese sushi restaurant called Rice. It’s an intimate, dimly lit (ahem, pardon the photo quality) restaurant that does not disappoint! I looove their food philosophy:  “No chemical preservatives, no artificial color, and no chemical seasonings when we select products. Vegetables and all ingredients are organic whenever possible.” They even have menu items that are vegan-friendly and anything-but-bland. Everyone can find something on the menu they will enjoy.


I ended up ordering some of their specials that night: Uni from Santa Barbara that was so fresh over a cucumber salad, and an octopus carpaccio with yuzu-pepper sauce that I finished in about 2 seconds flat.  They have some amazing veggie-centered dishes that should not be missed (shishito peppers or garlic kabocha squash, anyone?). And you didn’t hear it from me, but the house-made gobo root chips are amaze.


For a beachy, lounge-y experience, head to Zinc @ Shade. Shade hotel is a cool boutique hotel in MB with quite the nightlife in their restaurant. Think live music and other fun nighttime events. It is has a relaxed vibe, but don’t let that fool you- they know how to churn out some delicious dishes.

The fresh ceviche is a fresh, zesty option that is nice and light with citrus-marinated fish and pico de gallo. How festive does that look?!


Their menu shifts to reflect what is in season, but you can’t go wrong with one of their salad options. You can add avocado and your choice of protein, which I love. Not on the menu at this time of the year, but I had an asparagus-farro risotto with seared scallops and a perfectly poached egg. Who else is in the #PutAnEggOnIt camp? I just can’t get enough!


A few other great options while cruising around MB:

  • The Tuesday Farmer’s Market
  • Paradise Bowls- yummy acai bowls
  • Kreation Juice- may all of your juice and healthy snack dreams come true! I could drop a pretty penny in this place. It’s the best for unique juices!
  • The Strand House- Upscale menu. Highly recommended by locals. Honey, if you are going to dine, then diiiiiine.

There you have it! Are there any places I’ve missed? I’m always looking for new restaurants to try! We’ve almost made it through the week- have a great weekend!

PS- listen to this French indie pop playlist with me. Tell me what you think lol.



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