Spearmint Tea: Major Skin Saver

Hello, hello hello! It has been raining a whole lot in SoCal lately, which has me reaching for the biggest cup of tea, cozy socks, and all the blankets. Does anyone else feel like snuggling up with a good book and an oversized sweater when it’s raining out? Don’t ask me to be productive, because it simply won’t happen. Grad school life vs rainy day life: ughhh, basically it’s trouble if they fall on the same day. Sometimes I feel like I’m solar powered, and grey skies literally drain me. Please give advice if you have a way to get over this!!

Anyway, if you are a major tea lover like me (especially on rainy days), today’s post is gonna be right up your alley. We are talking about the benefits of spearmint tea. Technically it is a tisane, or an herbal tea, because there are no tea leaves and no caffeine. Let’s dive right into the benefits and research, and then I will fill you in on this game-changer of a tea based on my personal experience.

Spearmint Tea for Acne

Why spearmint tea?

First, let me stress that this applies only to spearmint tea. It has to be spearmint. Not peppermint, not citrus mint, not winter minty mocha (teas are getting really fancy these days haha). Just plain ol’ organic spearmint tea. My go-to is this one.

Spearmint tea is such a rockstar because it has been shown to have anti-androgen affects. Androgens include hormones like testosterone and androstenedione. Both men and women make these hormones, but when they are in excess, hormonal imbalances and  undesired physical symptoms can arise, especially in women.

Elevated testosterone in women can lead to excess hair growth (formally called hirsutism), hair thinning and loss where you actually want it (your head, obvi), and increased sebum production and acne. Basically all the things no woman wants to deal with. Wasn’t puberty enough?!

Of note, those who may struggle with these problems and benefit greatly from spearmint tea are women with PCOS. Do your research and find a good endocrine doctor who can advise you. Get your lab work done so you know where your hormone levels stand. If free/total testosterone is high, get on the spearmint tea train ASAP.


Spearmint tea is still being researched, but some initial studies have found it to be quite affective at androgen-suppression. This study found that women who drank spearmint tea  twice a day for one month compared to a placebo group had significantly reduced free and total testosterone levels as well as increased LH and FSH. Patients also subjectively reported improvements in their hirsutism.

Another study in women found that drinking spearmint tea twice a day reduced hirsutism,  and free testosterone, and increased LH, FSH, and estradiol. The studies both looked at small population sizes, but the results prompt the urgency to keep researching across large groups of women, since the improvements for the women were clinically and subjectively notable.

Something as easy as drinking tea should not be overlooked as a way to help combat androgen-heavy hormone imbalances. It is gentle on the body, and can not only improve several really shame-filled symptoms, but it can boost self-esteem once you start to experience the improvements.  Every sip of spearmint tea is going straight to the soul, making you feel better and more balanced from the inside out. #plantpower


Having dealt with hormonal imbalances, hirsutism, and hormonal acne, I can tell you drinking spearmint tea has made a major difference and improvement for me. I have been drinking spearmint twice a day since May 2016, and it has definitely earned its rightful spot in my arsenal against all things hormone imbalance-related.

It has been a long, uphill battle for me, but the consistency has paid off, and I am not breaking out to the degree and quantity that I was a year or two ago. My pimples are less “angry” when I get them, and the sides of my face and chin (notorious areas for hormonal breakouts) are not as spotty. I’m gonna keep on sippin’ while I suppress those excess androgens!

I highly recommend drinking spearmint tea twice daily for at least a month if you find that your struggles are androgen-related. It’s completely safe and natural, and very inexpensive, so you really can’t go wrong. PS, you don’t have to drink it plain- I always add another tea of some sort while it’s steeping to mix up the flavors.

I guess skincare has been on my mind a lot lately, but this tea tip is just too good not to share it with you. I know how many women are going through similar struggles, so share this post with your girlfriends/sisters/daughters, because the information could be super valuable for them to learn about!


Any natural hormone-balancing tips and tricks you have been loving? Let me know! Talk soon!



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4 thoughts on “Spearmint Tea: Major Skin Saver

  1. Wonderful advice for all those young girls that face this problem I’m a tea drinker and growing up I would drink spearmint tea for an upset stomach, seems it has the same effect as chamomile for me

  2. I love how you share so openly with great personal and “tried” advice, you have always been on the cutting edge, you were a matcha princess before matcha knew it was matcha! Keep sipping, when the rain stops it may be time to grow your own spearmint!

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