Venice Beach Diaries, Part One

VBD3A few weeks ago, I took my first day trip to Venice Beach. FINALLY! I have been dying to go for a very long time, and I can say it was one hundred percent worth the wait. If you are a foodie and a wellness-obsessed babe like me, put VB on your list of places to travel.

I only spent a half day there, but still tried to squeeze in as much goodness as possible. I’m breaking down the list of places I highly recommend based off my trip. Another visit is essential, because you really can’t hit all the best places for brunch/lunch/potions/smoothies/elixirs in one day. Let’s talk VB!

Salt Air


The lunch situation at Salt Air has all the airy coastal California vibes you could ask for. The menu focuses on seasonal and coastal cuisine, so naturally I had to go for some oysters (the best I’ve ever had guys!). And since it was a weekend brunch, of course I decided to try the fresh-made mimosa. There is something so romantic about a bartender squeezing the fruit juice right in front of you. I almost wonder if I could have hand-selected my oranges and grapefruits straight from the countertop bowls! Doesn’t get any better than that!


Salt Air gets a lot of buzz for their pea tartine- talk about the epitome of spring! I love a good toast moment, and this one did not disappoint! Smashed peas,  creamy ricotta, lemon, and pea tendrils on a toasty slice of sourdough. Get it. You won’t want to share!


If you are in a seafood/sandwich mood, my brunch date (hey mama) ordered the lobster roll. What more could you want than a mountain of lobster piled into a brioche bun? It tasted nice and light since it was brightened up with fresh herbs and the cooling crunch of celery. Very east coast -meets-west coast.


For a little afternoon pep, we ordered espresso. A strong and simple ending to our fab meal. Salt Air gets busy, so if you can’t nab a table, don’t hesitate to sit at the bar- the light from the skylights is so cheery, and it’s a bit quieter than the tables at the front of the restaurant (perfect for insta-storying your meal).


I could gush on and on about this place for years. Shall I name my firstborn after it? (Or sell my firstborn to pay for the grocery bill, which is probably more likely.) And if I didn’t live in San Diego, Erewhon Market would be my grocery store bae. It’s a true wellness- lover’s paradise. In a word, it is the grocery store mecca for superfoods, elixirs, and the healthiest pre-made deli selections. Picnic #goals would be to pick up some of the various salads and proteins, then hit the beach.

I stocked up on miso-fermented kale chips, pearl powder, coconut rose water, and a reishi-cacao “cappuccino” for the road. Holyyyy cow, if you stop in for one thing, head straight to the elixir bar and order a hot tonic- matcha, turmeric lattes, and cacao with MCT oils- the amazing list goes on.


 In a somewhat hidden “rabbit hole” off of Abbot Kinney lies Zenbunni chocolate. They sell their own handmade, biodynamic, organic, vegan, refined sugar-free (yes, all the things) chocolate creations. You can find everything from drinking chocolates to bite-sized bars. Try the Shiva Rose (like eating chocolate straight from the garden) or the Abuela Azteca chocolate (spicy and smoky, like Mexican hot chocolate).

So, what are the next stops on the VB bucket list? I hope to venture north soon to hit up these beauts, obvi still within the theme of wellness and pure foodie delight:

Moon Juice

I’m an avid user and lover of their “moon dusts”, especially the beauty dust. I would love to try some of their fresh pressed bevvies and maybe their plant protein powder to experiment with at home. Have you tried the Moon Juice products before? Would love to know what you think!

Kreation Juicery

OH MY LANTA, I have been  to Kreation one time at the location in Manhattan beach, and it was smoothie/juice heaven. I distinctly remember falling in love with their vegan dessert pots (chocolate and matcha were involved) and the unique variety of green juices they have. The Venice Beach location is a lot larger and boasts a dreamy cafe menu for when you feel like dining in.


Need to get here for dinner! This place will be worthy of a blog post in and of itself. The menu is inventive and artistic, and I can hardly stand the anticipation of someday trying it for myself. Any Gjelina fans out there? I must know how your experience was!

Have you tried any of these glorious stops in Venice Beach? Did I miss any that need to be added to the list? I’m headed to Wanderlust tomorrow, so it will be a day full of running, yoga, mediation, and pure bliss. Can’t think of a better way to enjoy a Saturday!


3 thoughts on “Venice Beach Diaries, Part One

  1. Need to GO THERE!….Want to go?….me thinks you would spend your whole day at Erewhon grocery store, your Mecca 😉 so curious how you use the “pearl powder” and what are the benefits?

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