Current Obsessions in Natural Skincare

Hey, hey, hey! Currently having a relaxing Sunday night catching up on my DVR (anyone a fan of The Arrangement??). It has been an amazing Earth Day weekend here in San Diego- the weather was flawless. I spent plenty of time enjoying the sunshine and walking barefoot on the beach while watching the sunset. SUCH a rare occurrence for me cuz I’m normally crazy busy, but it was just too perfect outside to do HW indoors.

Now I’m craving summer like crazy! Just gotta get through 2 more months of school. 5 million projects and tests. ahah. I’m fine. (Send help!)

skincareNow let’s talk skincare and makeup. I have shared some of my skincare life savers before, but not all of them were natural. I’ve switched several of the products in my regimen in the past few months, and I have had great results. It is so important to know what ingredients are going on your skin, because many ingredients have a small enough particle size that they can get absorbed and enter the bloodstream. Hence, keep it natural as much as you can. Buh-bye endocrine disruptors and carcinogenic garbage.

It’s easy for me to think very carefully about what I eat to take care of my body, but the world of natural skincare and makeup is another beast. Gotta be honest, sometimes the natural stuff doesn’t work too well. I can think of soooo many times a natural face serum has made my skin worse, or a natural concealer made me look like a pale zombie and then slid right off my face an hour later (no coverage, which is not ideal when the whole point is to conceal!)  The struggle is over, though, because I’ve found the ride-or-dies you need in your arsenal of natural skincare and makeup.

Don’t even get me started on natural deodorant. I was convinced that a good, natural deodorant did not exist. Would there ever be one that minimized perspiration and actually kept you smelling fresh through a sweaty workout? The answer is a hallelujah YES!! I found the holy deodorant grail, and I’m sharing that today.


Found this beaut at a boutique in Venice Beach, but you can totally find it online. TMI maybe, but I am a sweat-er. My gym babes can vouch that I sweat, er, sparkle like crazy. I also get nervous for tests. SO between both of these occurrences that happen very often (tests and working out), this deodorant is the only one that has ever held up. I smell amazing alllllll day, and I actually don’t even remember what BO smells like??! GAME CHANGER.


One of my besties introduced me to 100% pure. All of their products are organic and 100% natural, toxin-free, and cruelty free. Love it! This serum contains a stable form of vitamin C and other antioxidants like vitamin E to boost collagen production. I have seen a major improvement in my skin tone and post-acne discoloration from using this. Bonus is that it goes on very light and does not cause breakouts.


Pimples. They are straight up awful . Blackheads. Also straight up awful. I smear a dot of this magic mask and it makes all the woes disappear. I literally threw away all the chemical-filled drugstore spot treatments. No more benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid drying out my skin cuz this stuff works even better. The craziest part is that it’s made from 2 ingredients: rasul clay and distilled water. My theory is that the distilled water comes from a magical well in Sweden with healing properties cuz there is just no scientific explanation to how this works so dang well.


Last, but definitely not least is this little power couple from 100% pure (did I mention I loved this brand). Natural face makeup is notoriously awful at covering up imperfections, evening skin tone, mattifying shine, staying in place, or even just making you look better-HA.  After I tried this foundation powder (made from fruit pigments, with SPF nonetheless) and this concealer stick, I was sold. As in tossed-all-the-other-makeup sold. Stays in place, hides what needs to be hidden, and actually makes me look like a better, more flawless version of myself, naturally. #goals.

My whole objective with today’s post was to just share the natural products that I’m obsessed with right now because they work like no other, and they do it without a nasty ingredient list.  I’m a picky, picky lady when it comes to skincare and makeup, so I only vouch for the products that work miracles.

What are your holy grail skincare products? Any natural gems I need to check out! Let me know.

Talk soon! XO,


3 thoughts on “Current Obsessions in Natural Skincare

  1. I love that you research and read the ingredients on skincare products like you read menus! I agree, what you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body! I love coconut, avocado and egg (to eat too). Remember, If you use turmeric in your facial, DON’T LEAVE IT ON FOR HOURS! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I just tried the foundation from 100% Pure today and it’s amazing! So light but great coverage and you can build up layers without it feeling cakey. Can’t wait to go to Venice Beach and get this magical deodorant.

  3. Natural skincare products are good for you and your skin. Did you know that large cosmetic companies like L’Oreal are also large generators of hazardous waste? What is your skin absorbing today??

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