On Body Confidence + The Power of a Photo

Hey, hey 🙂

Long time no chat, and I will totally own up to my absence on b&b. We all have those busy seasons where life happens, and I am finally seeing the light at the end of my “first year of grad school” tunnel. Out with the research papers and in with the recipes and all the lovely things!

A lot of changes have happened in the past 5 months, both on an internal and interpersonal level. I have started a new job working as the creative manager for Natiya Guin, of Natiya Guin Photography. Natiya is such a talented photographer, and she took the images of me featured in today’s post! We will be working together as her business expands and flourishes. Lots of exciting new changes are in the works as we prepare to unveil her new business, so stay tuned!!

Without relaying my whole life story on here, I did want to open up and catch up, and I feel like this is a safe space where I can share the good, the bad, and the real. Let’s focus on the good and real today. Also, read til the end for a special on photography sessions that will be live for the next 48 hours!

So, body confidence…what does that mean? I think it means something different for everyone, but for me it is feeling genuinely happy in my skin. I might not feel fabulous every minute of the day, I might have insecurities, but I am thankful for the shell I’m in, and I love it regardless. We ALL have issues and mind games and fluctuations (physically and mentally) that we deal with. In my experience as a dietitian, I see so, so often people who are broken and defeated, and the luster in their eyes has gone away. Negativity is a nasty thing, because it creeps up and consumes you little by little until it is so ingrained in your mind that it becomes a part of how you see yourself.

I’ve been there myself. There was a season where my luster was gone, and my self- worth was diminished. I hid it well, on the outside happy enough, but on the inside scared and insecure. Always beating myself up, feeling stuck in that spiral of negativity. Climbing out of the pit was a series of ups and downs. Steps forward, leaps back. If you are feeling like your in a pit and not on the peak, I’m sharing tips that helped me get to where I am today.


Stop comparing

This was always a major downfall for me, and social media doesn’t help. For my confidence and wellbeing, I stopped following people on social media who left me feeling worse about myself. Don’t feel bad about cutting that ish out, because keeping it around will weigh on you. Also remember that people only show the best moments and not the unfiltered realness. I walk with blinders on, paying no mind to how fit/pretty/successful someone else is, and I focus on how I can improve myself and empower others.



So much of my confidence came flooding over when I starting going to the gym. I’ve always been active, running and doing pilates or HIIT workouts from the comfort of my home. But I was scared to enter the gym space, worried about how other would perceive me. Curiosity and empowerment eventually won- I started going to the gym in January and I’ve never looked back. It’s made me feel strong and powerful. I get in there with my music blaring and block everything out except for paying attention to all the amazing things my body can do. Bottom line: Find the activity lights your fire, and run with it. Take care of your body, and appreciate all that you are capable of.


Content, but Continuing

Content but Continuing: Be happy where you are in the present moment. You are worthy regardless of the outside and you are capable of achieving amazing things. But also, don’t feel bad about wanting to strive for improvement. I call it “content but continuing” because that mindset allows for you to be happy and joyful in the “now” while still pushing forward to achieving new goals. Want to work on toning those abs? Yes, babe, go for it! But guess what? You can eat the cookie, you can have a belly pooch, and you can still be happy (and are still worthy and deserving of a happy life, 6-pack or not!)


Visual Reminders

I am a HIGHLY visual person. I put sticky notes around my house, on my mirrors to remind myself how fab I am, no matter what. It’s all about infusing those messages of positivity, even if it’s subliminally. Another way to capture that confidence and happiness is through photos. Keep photos around your home of times where you were just free, happy, and radiant. That’s why I’m so happy to have just done a photography session with Natiya. It was so fun, and now I have the photographs to remind myself how far I have come. I can see that twinkle restored in my eyes!


To celebrate body confidence and empowerment, Natiya is holding a FLASH SALE on photography sessions for the next 48 hours! Here are the deets:

–Shoot includes two looks/one location- Priced at $200 for b&b readers!!!!

–Must book via paypal or Venmo within 48 hours…

–Can book as far out as 3 months

–For Natiya’s portfolio and more about her, visit natiya.com

If you are interested in booking or have any questions, email me at bouquetsandbaguettes@gmail.com

I would love to get a conversation going around the topic of body confidence. How do you deal?? If you are interested in working with me on any nutrition and wellness goals, email me- I would love to work with you!




3 thoughts on “On Body Confidence + The Power of a Photo

  1. You look fabulous darling, and this photo shoot was at the END of your long day AND (without all of the following: hair stylist, make up artist, hair extensions!)….. its all, JUST YOU, and I see that sparkle! This was a very inspiring and motivational post! What else are you working on besides your Master’s In Wellness/Nutrition and this creative position with Natiya? Curios peeps want to know 🙂

  2. I could not agree with this more!
    As someone who is struggling with body image and body positivity, I can tell you that the points that you have mentioned really do help a person a lot.
    I found that another tip is to stop looking at the mirror so often (in fact, even turn your mirror around and avoid looking at it) because everytime I look in the mirror I find myself pinpointing all my insecurities!
    It takes time to become more confident in your body, but slowly and surely we will be able to get through it!

    1. Love that tip! I definitely think body positivity is a journey that has its ups and downs. Some days are great, and others I feel like my own worst enemy. Its important to be gentle with ourselves and remember to look at the long term and focus on other attributes besides appearance to recognize our worth as an amazing human. xx

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