Sparkling Rosé Floats

Just in time for the Fourth of July, and all summer festivities in fact: Sparkling Rosé Floats! I would hardly call this a recipe, because it is an easy “throw all the ingredients together” type of drink. Quick to make, and refreshing-which is the perfect combo for the long, leisurely days of summer where you would rather be outside than mixing drinks in the kitchen.

This idea started out as a joke between my sister and I. She knows I have a love for rosé and she loves that it is National Ice Cream Month, so what better ingredients to combine for a festive treat? This recipe was born on a whim, proving that some of the best things result from a crazy, spontaneous idea. I’ve never been a fan of a root beer float, but I can get behind a rosé float for sure!

sparklingrosefloat2If rosé isn’t your thing, or if you prefer not to drink, a mocktail version could be made simply by omitting the alcohol and using more sparkling water. Or, get an extra boost of probiotics by using kombucha as a bubbly base for the ice cream, like my sister did.

I wouldn’t call this the skinniest drink you could enjoy, sparklingrosefloat3 (celebrate, relax, savor the drink), but if you are feeling a festive float, this recipe is amazing for two reasons:

  1. The rosé is cut with sparkling water, so it takes longer to sip the drink, while also helping to hydrate you (hydration is key when drinking). You will end up feeling like you are consuming a larger volume while cutting calories from alcohol.
  2. The portion of ice cream is only 1/2 cup, so your ice cream intake is automatically controlled (as compared to the temptation of eating out of the pint). Scoop 1/2 cup into your glass, and enjoy. Too much ice cream in a glass of rosé is not a fun thing. The ratio is important. This is a beverage, not an alcohol-infused scoop of creamery. 😉

Time to defrost the ice cream and chill the rosé! Pro tip- To keep drinks cooler longer, freeze fruit and use as ice cubes in the glass. Add just before scooping in the ice cream.


Sparkling Rosé Floats

Serves 4

1 bottle of your favorite Rosé (I used Summer Water)

2 cups sparkling water (I used Sprindrift Raspberry Lime for a fun flavor combo)

1 pint vanilla ice cream (I keep it dairy-free with GoBeyond Organic Vanilla)

Strawberries, for garnish


In four glasses, split rosé evenly. Top off with 1/4 cup sparkling water, then add a scoop (one fourth of a pint) of ice cream. Garnish with strawberry and enjoy!


I hope you have a magical Fourth of July. Any fun plans?? Cheers!





2 thoughts on “Sparkling Rosé Floats

  1. That sounds like a lovely, refreshing, delightful, summer drink/dessert for a girls night in soiree, and of course, it is after all, PINK……..summer water rose……you in a bottle…..

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