23balloonsHi! I’m Alexandra, and I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and self-proclaimed foodie. I love to cook (with no shortage of kitchen dance parties), try new restaurants, and of course… EAT! My passion is for everything nutrition and wellness, with a “joie de vivre” and appreciation for the beautiful things in life (hellooooo peonies, beach sunsets, and  fab pink dresses).  I hope bouquets and baguettes inspires you to live your most joyful, natural, healthy life. XO

Facts About Me:

  • Fave Food: Sushi! (especially if salmon and avo is involved). And truffles-make it raiiiiin truffles
  • Fave Beverage:  Matcha Green tea. Matcha has been my obsession since high school. #OGmatchalover
  • Fave Things: the color pink, big bouquets, French macarons, reading cook books, photography, chilled rosé, beach picnics, getting strong at the gym

My Food/Nutrition Philosophy:

I believe that food is medicine. What we eat has the power to help us, and alternatively, harm us. Proper nutrition is healing and is essential for wellbeing and quality of life. I desire to teach others that healthy food can be delicious food, so much so, that one begins to crave it.

It is imperative that the association between guilt and food be eliminated. In my practice, I believe the most important qualities I can employ are to make connections, build trust, and create an environment of non-judgment and encouragement, always. I want to reassure people that even the smallest change is worth praising and pursuing.

Change begins small, slow, and steady. Large, fast, and inconsistent change never lasts long, and cannot flourish into a lifestyle. I believe that feeding the body is just as important as feeding the soul. A healthful diet is all about balance and moderation, which means all foods fit. As a dietitian, I strive to show that wholesome nutrition is the foundation of a whole life.

Food and eating are parts of life that should be enjoyed, relished, and savored, rather than feared, over-calculated, and complicated. There are no quick fixes to attaining a healthy lifestyle or goal weight; consistency of healthy habits is paramount. Proper nutrition, exercise, and a realistic yet positive outlook are the keys to achieving improved health, longevity and goal weight. Living healthfully requires lifestyle change; diets do not work.

There will be ups and downs on the path of eating nutritiously, but it is my duty to provide care, coaching, education, and encouragement all along the way, as these actions are essential to motivation and living nutritiously.


Bastyr University, California- Master of Science in Nutrition for Wellness, June 2018

Registered Dietitian, Commission on Dietetic Registration #86056257

Dietetic Internship: Cal Poly, SLO, 2015-2016

Bachelor of Science, Dietetics, Summa Cum Laude, Point Loma Nazarene University, May 2015


Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Commission on Dietetic Registration #86056257

Certified Personal Trainer, American College of Sports Medicine

In the Media:

US News and World Report: “8 Healthy West Coast Habits East Coasters Should Adopt”  http://health.usnews.com/wellness/slideshows/8-healthy-west-coast-habits-east-coasters-should-adopt

Presidio Sports Magazine and Sansum Health Magazine-March 2016

Benefits of Match Green Tea+ Matcha Smoothie Recipe

DayPlanner Nutrition Calendar- January 2014

Contributed nutrition and exercise advice to be featured on the 2016 Nutrition Twins’ DayPlanner calendar , sold on QVC.

ModernMom-October 2014, December 2014, January 2015, February 2015 blogger

Created several recipes for the Nutrition Twins featured on ModernMom, Brooke Burke’s blog about food, fitness, motherhood, and healthy living.

Daily Burn-Blogger, November 2014

Contributed an article on food safety and healthy Thanksgiving recipes.

ACE Fitness– Blogger, December 2014

Created a recipe featured in article on nutrition and exercise.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Alex! I just found your blog (it’s beautiful!) and noticed you are in intern at Cal Pol SLO. I’m currently applying for internships and am very interested in this one. Do you happen to have any posts on your experiences? Are you enjoying it there? Would it be difficult for someone from out of state/ who has never been to CA before to get used to? I’d appreciate any advice you may have! Thank you!

    1. Hi Karina! Thank you so much for checking out my blog! I’m so glad you like it. 🙂 I love the Cal Poly internship!! it was my first choice, and I was so beyond happy when I matched with this program. My blog doesn’t cover my internship experiences in depth (aside from the occasional “just finished clinical, which was unbelievably busy” type of thing). I love the variety I get at all the rotations (this internship is very well-rounded in it’s rotations), and class days are fun and easy. I don’t think an out-of-stater would have trouble adjusting at all. The area is gorgeous and there are lots of things to do. There are a few girls in the program who came from Seattle, and they are loving it. I am sure you would love Cali!! When I was applying, I made sure my essays were very specific and unique to my goals/experiences. I recommend checking out allaccessinternships.com as a resource while doing your applications. It helped me a lot! Please email me with any other questions you have! adusenberry27@gmail.com

      1. Great! It sounds like a place I would want to be. I will definitely be applying there 🙂 All Access Internships has certainly been a godsend haha. I’m writing your email down now in case I have any other questions later. Thank you so so much! I’m finding it difficult to find interns who are at/were at the places I’m interested in and I’m very happy to have your opinion!

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