Creamy Broccoli Soup

Summer is just around the corner (though I argue Memorial Day is the unofficial start to the season), which means now is the time to start whipping up cold soups.  Mad respect if you are one of those people who looooves a piping hot bowl of soup when it’s 80 degrees and sunny (I can’t), … More Creamy Broccoli Soup

Shamrockin’ Smoothie

Who’s ready for St. Patrick’s day??? Funny childhood story: every year growing up,my sister and I would place our slippers at the end of our bed the night before St. Patty’s Day. (Disclaimer: we are not Irish in the least bit). In the night, the leprechaun, aka our mom, would stuff our slippers with little … More Shamrockin’ Smoothie

Fermentation Fest

Last weekend I went to the Fermentation Festival in Santa Barbara. I couldn’t believe it, but yes there is actually a festival to celebrate, eat, and learn about all things fermented. A festival where I can get samples of kombucha and kimchi is absolutely a place I want to be. My tummy was very happy … More Fermentation Fest