Perfect Pumpkin Parfaits

Happy October!!! I love this time of year because I absolutely adore pumpkin! Nothing says “Fall” quite like pumpkin. I mean, really, what other vegetable do we use to decorate with??? (Spinach garlands, anyone?) Seriously, though, pumpkin is SO full of yummy health benefits- until it hits store shelves in super processed, sugar saturated, artificially … More Perfect Pumpkin Parfaits

Portobello Pizzas

Who doesn’t love pizza? Unfortunately, pizza isn’t the best food to eat all the time if you are striving for optimal health. Cue the portobello mushroom! Mushrooms are full of B vitamins and can be a great substitute for meat since they are so hearty ( think mushroom burger). They are also a perfect replacement … More Portobello Pizzas


My absolute favorite food of all time, that I ┬ánever get tired of eating is sushi. I have an addiction. I wish I could eat it for every meal. (well, maybe not breakfast). However, in the world of sushi, there is a very distinct line between the healthy sushi, and the less than favorable sushi. … More Sushi=Life