Addison Del Mar: An absolute must-dine in SoCal

Hi everyone! This restaurant review has been long awaited, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you!  A few months ago, my family and I celebrated a verrrry special occasion at Addison, which is the most elegant, gourmet restaurant at The Grand Del Mar. This was a restaurant that I had on my restaurant bucket list. Yep, I have a list of restaurants that I want to dine at all around the world. This one didn’t require a passport to get to (convenient), and it far surpassed my expectations in everything from service to the extravagance of the seemingly endless courses. I absolutely recommend adding Addison to your restaurant bucket list, if you have one. Or maybe I’m the only one???

If I haven’t convinced you enough that Addison is worth experiencing, did you know that Addison is the only Southern California restaurant to have five stars from Forbes travel and five diamonds? Talk about major accolades! Without further ado, let’s talk about the food (my favorite part, obviously)! After we were seated in a private corner with lovely views of the resort’s grounds, our first course was a refreshing amuse-bouche.


passion fruit and cucumber with whipped yogurt. So light and fresh! (And a celebratory glass of bubbly)

The service was impeccable. It felt as though we were treated like royalty. Servers always kept an eye out to make sure that glasses remained filled, empty plates were immediately removed, and when our next course came, we all had our own personal waiter to serve us. I had never experienced anything like it! The next courses were part of the “premier choix”, which features dishes so creative and delicious that I just sat there with this giddy smile on my face.


Fruits de mer: oysters, uni, and caviar. The ultimate, luxurious, to-die-for bite.


Foie Gras Pot de Creme with a rhubarb gelee and black pepper belgian waffle. Unique, with a perfect balance of flavors and textures. 


Another delicious little palate cleanser: a brioche roll filled with cherry mascarpone. Seriously heavenly!

What I love about multi-course meals such as this is getting to sample such a variety of foods. The meal was very “French” in a way that the courses are of impeccable quality, and sometimes richness, yet the portions are quite petite. Each course could be finished in a few bites/forkfuls/spoonfuls, so that one could savor and enjoy each course and feel satisfied rather than sluggish or stuffed. The French eating philosophy is all very much about balance and enjoyment, which Addison embodied in the beautiful spread of springtime dishes. Onto the “deuxieme choix”! Anyone else getting hungry reading this? 🙂


Charred Octopus with artichokes a la grecque, olives, and chorizo. Could turn anyone into an octopus fan.


Mascarpone Agnolotti with sweet peas and spring onion bouillon. 


Caramelized Codfish with pickled daikon, scallions, and dashi. My personal selection, which had a bit of an Japanese flair. Believe me if codfish was always prepared like this, I would eat. it. everyday.

Believe it or not, but the courses kept coming! Yes, the “troisieme choix” was just as spectacular and artfully plated as the courses prior. You know when something looks so pretty that you don’t want to eat it? That was me the entire time.


My parents enjoyed the Kobe Beef Short Rib with mushroom gratin and potato croustillante, and they raved that is was the best kobe they ever had, aka, it melted like butter.


Salmon au Beurre Sale with beets, apples, fennel, and sauce troisgros. This was my favorite because, as you may know, I am both salmon and beet obsessed. Oh and the fact that it came dressed with gold leaf (!!!) Couldn’t stop talking about this dish.

Now the moment you all have been waiting for… Dessert!! The perfectly portioned treats were unlike anything I have tried before, and I loved getting to share the experience with my family.


Galette au Chocolat with mint chip ice cream and chocolate mousse. Chocolate lovers, rejoice!


Vanilla Pot de Creme with gold-dusted berries.


Brown Sugar Vacherin: dark chocolate and banana fouette with caramel sauce. The outer coating of this dessert had the texture of meringue, which was pure bliss.

IMG_3098 (1)

Opera Nouveau with cartelized white chocolate. I feel like this should be displayed at a museum because it is so gorgeous!

My experience at Addison was magical and will not be forgotten. It was truly a once in a lifetime culinary adventure. I love sharing my experience with you and getting to highlight this foodie gem in SoCal. Let me know which restaurants are on your bucket list so I can add them to mine!!

XO, Alexandra

2 thoughts on “Addison Del Mar: An absolute must-dine in SoCal

  1. Utterly ah-ma-zing!!! The food and presentation and service is absolutley over the top! Addison has treated you well!

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